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Personal Budget

Your personal budget/individual budget is the money you get (from the Council and other funding streams) to spend on your Self-Directed Support (SDS). This is support that you decide and control, in other words you control the money for support – personal budget.

Our aims to give you choice and control over how your needs are met. Under the personalisation agenda, you will be in control of assessing your needs with support from social care staff and will be involved in producing a “support plan”, which covers your full range of needs. In recognises that there are other issues in addition to medical needs that can impact on your total health and well-being.

A personalized care plan should therefore take into account not only your health but also your personal, family, social, economic, education, mental health, ethnic and cultural background and circumstances. It should also focus on what you want your care to achieve, for example to help you live independently, achieve at school or return to work etc.